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Tennis  : Tennis club de Bedoin, Chemin des Sablières 84410 Bedoin Tel. 04 90 65 91 00

VTT  : http://www.ventoux-velo.com/

Cyclng : circuit around the Carpentras Canal

Excursion : The GR. 91 crosses a broad part of the southern slope of Mont Ventoux and the GR. 4 gets you the top, starting from Malaucène or Sault. The Tourist office sells a guidebook including 11walks from 6 to 20 kilometers on the southern slope of Ventoux.

Riding  : Centre équestre Le Ménèque , 583 route du Ménèque  84410  Bedoin Tel : 04 90 65 66 39 Les Cavaliers de La Louvière , La Talène - Route de Flassan 84410  Bedoin Tél. : 06 22 74 16 12

Crazy golf  : Mini golf du Barry, Quartier le Barry - 84410  Bedoin Tél. : 06 20 42 33 59

Ski or Tele VTT : Chalet Reynard, Le Mont Ventoux  84410  Bedoin Tél. : 04 90 61 84 55

Golf  : five courses in the department of Vaucluse

Usefull adressses  :

Touris office  : http://www.bedoin.org/

Crillon-le-Brave : le site

Bedoin : Site officiel

Bienvenue en Provence  : the site


The village

Located at the foot of Mont Ventoux, some 12 km north-east of Carpentras, on the D974, Crillon le Brave is a small, picturesque village with beautiful stone-built houses, perched on a 363 meter-high hilltop, with a splendid view of the giant of Provence, the Mont Ventoux.
It is in honour of their heroic Lord Louis de Balbe de Crillon, also called " the bravest of the brave" that the village Council, Council of the village decided to name the commune “ Crillon le Brave" at the end of the 19 th century . Arriving by road from Caromb, visitors enter the village through the Gérin gate.

Drive on from there and park on the carpark in front of the town hall, where a huge bronze statue representing Crillon's bravest son stands 2,30 meters high. The figure stands as an invitation for you to visit the village.


You may now appreciate the breathtaking panorama from the right-hand side of the town hall. Also take time to admire some tastefully restored houses. A little further you will discover the church Saint Romain, entirely built out of stone, in front of the main entrance of the hotel. Inside you will admire a carved-wood altarpiece attributed to the famous sculptor Jacques Bernus of Carpentras (1650-1728). Nearby the church stands the medieval castle, but this is private property and not open to visitors. The crenellated walls of the castle are a fairly recent addition

Crillon le Brave remained a largely rural and agricultural village for many years, and owes its current development to tourism. A large number of the villas are secondary residences which explains why the population of the village increases as the weather improves. Do not leave Crillon le Brave without a visit to the wine-cellars where you can sample some of the best bottles produced in the vineyards of the Côtes de Ventoux.

In the vicinity :

Labyrinthe de l'Aube, a vegetable maze in 1.5 hectare of cornfield!

Les Vignerons du Mont Ventoux, Quartier la Salle, route de Carpentras 84410 Bedoin - discovered soil in buggy

The contemporary Art gallery Nicole Olivieri offers works by about fifteen artists

Museum from music mechanical , route de Carpentras, 84570 Mormoiron






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Your market...

In Bédoin :

• small Carrefour supermarket, located on the right at the entrance of the village, just after the post office. Easy parking.
• Butchery of the Mont Ventoux
• Fishmonger: Monday at the market of Bédoin, Thursday on the main square of Bédoin
• Baker: there are bakeries in the main street
• Fruit and vegetables: walk up the main street and turn right in the direction of Mont Ventoux. You'll find the shops on your left, next to an interesting store where vintage alcoholic beverages can be sampled.

Market days in Provence : Monday morning in Bédoin. Tuesday morning in Vaison-la-Romaine, Friday morning in Carpentras, Sunday morning at Isle-sur- Sorgue.